The Key Person of Influence Workshop.

Stand out. Scale up. Make a dent in the universe.


The Perfect Pitch.

Develop a powerful answer to the question "What do you do?" and communicate your value with clarity.

Use emotive imagery to help your viewer imagine themselves at the destination. Highlight the visual details of the experience.

Do what you love and get paid what you're worth.

Your best thinking 5 years ago is your baggage today.

An event for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs, business owners and executives

It's  filled with best insights and practices in entrepreneurship and business performance, as well as inspiring stories from high-performance entrepreneurs.

With more competition than ever, being good at what you do isn’t enough. Immense time is wasted chasing new business and hunting for the next deal.

Learn the five steps for attracting high-quality leads that are pre-sold and ready to buy, making the competition irrelevant.

80% of businesses are dependent on the owner. If they stop, the business stops. By design this is an inefficient and unprofitable catch-22.

Our methodology presents a modern business model that leverages influence and technology to unlock higher revenues and greater profit.

Most entrepreneurs get into business thinking it'll mean more money, more time and less stress – but they find out quickly that it's quite the opposite.

On the other hand, Key People of Influence don't struggle – they thrive in every industry, have respected brands, attract great opportunities and can afford to do the fun stuff.

Get strategic, boost profits, attract more opportunities and have more fun in business
by mastering the 5-step methodology
that's transformed over 3,500 businesses worldwide.

Become one of the most highly valued,

highly paid people in your industry.

Published Content.

Establish credibility by getting your message into the hands of those who matter to increase the growth of your business.

A Product Ecosystem.

Exchanging time for money is self-sabotage. Turn your skills, talents and expertise into scalable products that people want to buy.

A Google-Friendly Profile.

Get you and your brand recognised in the media – online and offline – along with putting a face to your business.

Game-Changing Partnerships.

Nothing great was ever achieved in isolation. Create opportunities by partnering with high performers.


Step into the inner circle of the industry you love.


The Speaker.

Industry leader.


Rising star.


Daniel Priestley

Bestselling Author,
Co-Founder of Dent Global



Access to the live session and a copy of the bestselling book

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Tuesday, 31st May
2:00pm - 4:00pm BST

Tuesday, 14th June
2:00pm - 4:00pm BST

Nicole Bremner, Founder of EastEight and London Central Developments, on how she turned a hobby into a high-performance business.

Endorsed by the success of 3,500+ clients.

Hear some of their stories.

Leanne Spencer, Founder of BodyShot Performance, on how she articulated the value the her business has to offer.

Martin Norbury, Founder of I Don't Work Fridays, on how he scaled his book into a productised programme for business leaders.

Richard Woods, Founder of Yomp Marketing, on how he used the methodology to get on BBC One's The Apprentice.

Key People of Influence don't chase opportunities – they curate them.

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We host these events because they help us share best practice while attracting businesses that may qualify to apply for one of our business accelerator programs.  

However, we believe that a business should do more than just attract opportunity for itself. We believe that as an entrepreneur it's our responsibility to create more so we can contribute more as well. The UN Goals for Sustainable Development provides a framework for partnerships and contribute that's worthy of the challenges and opportunities we face as a generation.

It's why from events like this, and from our accelerators, we'll make a contribution that supports the UN Goals for Sustainable Giving via the giving platform B1G1.

It's our vision to see the world filled with entrepreneurial teams solving the world's most meaningful problems.

"Now is the time to build businesses that have a huge impact. That means becoming successful and making a difference beyond philanthropy –
it's about embedding values to build value.

Lord Dr. Michael Hastings, CBE


This workshop is brought to you by Dent. Operating across the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, Dent has been dubbed by Huffington Post as “The World’s Leading Personal Brand Accelerator”. We have worked with tens of thousands of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs globally to help them achieve business growth and ultimately to become Key People of Influence in their industries. Our members include best-selling authors, award-winning companies, Guinness World Record holders, standout small businesses, TED speakers and more. Join a room of movers and shakers who are achieving receiving national and international acclaim for the work they’re doing.

Our global impact in the Small Business and Entrepreneurial space has seen them featured on, The Financial Review, BBC News, Octane, The Age, The Financial Times and more.










Every ticket comes with a copy of the bestselling book.

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We're pleased to be sharing our best ideas and insights on entrepreneurship with more people around the world by making our Become A Key Person of Influence event available to attend through Zoom.

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Dent develops entrepreneurs to stand out, scale up and make a positive impact.

Since 2010, we’ve run world leading business accelerators and events, and over 3500 businesses have been through our Accelerators delivered by our teams in the United Kingdom (EMEA), Australia (Asia Pacific) and Canada (Americas).

We are a multi-award-winning training organisation. Our programmes are recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management and CPD, and our team holds an Investors in People Gold accreditation. Most recently, we were awarded Business Enabler of the Year 2021 (Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards) and Business Advisor of the Year 2021 (Growing Business Awards).

We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes from startup to billions in revenue, as well as celebrities, respected veterans, academics and sporting heroes, ensuring they have a business strategy that enables them to keep doing what they are great at.