They never sleep; you can sell them any time - day or night.

They can go anywhere so you’re not limited by geography.

They create consistent value - you have good days and bad days but a product is consistent.

They add value to your business - all things being equal, a business that sells products is worth more than a business that sells time.

Other people can sell your products so you can have more sales channels.

Be brave. Have fun. Make a dent.




1. High Volume Products
These are products that allow you to become known, liked and trusted. They could be information products like ebooks, podcasts, reports or downloads, or they could be physical goods that can be sold anywhere. This type of product is designed so that a lot of new people can get an experience of you or your business
without having to meet you.

2. High Value Products
These products must be “a full and remarkable solution, for a real problem, offered to a market who have the money to pay”. That may sound like a mouthful but it’s important that your high-value products tick a lot of boxes. You might not sell a lot of these products but when you do everyone wins.

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