See the Shift in Your Thinking that Changes Everything

Being successful in business today requires a paradigm shift that empowers you to reference your challenges differently.

The FREE upcoming KPI WebClass is based on our proven success formula implemented with over 3,111 businesses on 3 continents which are now the “Go-To Brands” in their industry… and who enjoy all that comes such positioning including a rapid boost in profitability and job satisfaction.  

If right now you feel underpaid, overworked, and stuck…

Or you’re frustrated at selling your time or always chasing business and often losing...

When you attend the FREE KPI WebClass you’ll see how to “shift” to the high-value tasks which play to your strengths and get you away from the mundane, time-sucking managerial and HR roles that rob you of your passion.  
The best news about this paradigm shift is it’s…

  • NOT about your personality 
  • NOT about your mindset 
  • And NOT about more education 

As many entrepreneurs are introverts as are extroverts. You don’t need the latest version of positive thinking. And we’re certain you don’t have time for more education.

The FREE KPI WebClass is about shifting your thinking into “production mode” with the sole outcome of building your brand presence. 

They say success leaves clues. Leaders of the best companies operate this way.

You’ll see the proven frameworks that make it safe to step into the unknown. Using real examples from the more than 3,000 business owners around the world we’ve helped, you’ll learn the deliberate actions you need to take to make the most of the value you already hold.

And when you do, you become the “go-to” brand at the top of your industry. From there a whole new world opens up.

Key outcomes from attending the KPI WebClass: 


Our Vision is to see a world of entrepreneurial teams solving meaningful problems where every small business is a force for good. Our mission is to help leaders 'Stand Out, Scale Up and make a Dent in the Universe'.

Sarah Hunstead

Increases revenue by 800%, gets featured on national press and lands a major partnership with national brand. 

Darren Finkelstein

Becomes an award winning author, builds a 100% sales strike rate and increases his bottom line by 40%.

Dr. Jesse Green

Increases his business revenue by $250,000, and gets time back to focus on the things he loves.

Sally Arnold

Gets 12X more professional speaking bookings and becomes a featured writer on global media channels.

Jacqui Pretty

Develops a pitch with 80% close rate after tripling her fees, allowing her to travel the world whilst running her business.

Leandra Walker

Increases revenue by 800% and only speaks to pre-sold prospects.


 While the health and wellbeing of you, and our team are our top priority, until advised otherwise by health authorities we feel business, and life must go on as much as possible.  We believe business can and must be a force for good in the world.  While the economic impact of COVID-19 can not yet be predicted, we expect it to be significant.  For almost a decade, we’ve been committed to providing our clients with global best practice to help them not just survive, but thrive in such interesting times.

Of course, we will be monitoring the situation closely.  We will notify you of any event changes via SMS.  It should go without saying, if you’ve got the sniffles, stay in bed and tune into our live, WebClass instead.



Stand Out & Scale Up 



In 2 hours I'll show you how.

Breakthrough to Become the Influential, 'Go-To’ Brand in Your Industry

Leverage our proven formula to escape the time for money trap. Become more visible. Scale with ease. Enjoy increased profitability. Re-ignite the passion for your work. 

Business owners who benefit most from the FREE KPI WebClass typically, are:

Service based (about 80% of attendees, 20% are product-based)

Make sub $3 million in revenue

Already make an impact on their world

Have a strong desire to share that impact but feel they’ve hit a glass ceiling

This is not a recorded presentation made to look like it’s live.

And no, you’re not walking into one of those glorified pitch fests everyone hates

You get to ask questions and are encouraged to participate so you match the concepts taught with your personal business reality so you can see the path forward.

How to make your competition irrelevant - this one insight alone flips your thinking 

The proven system that switches you from a business that’s commoditised, labour driven and local… to one that’s differentiated, digital and global

A vital understanding of the #1 business you must be in – and it’s not what you think

The 2 biggest fears entrepreneurs face when it comes to change and the structured implementation process that defeats them

The time-saving tools we use in our business and share with our clients

The 4 outcomes you need to pursue in the next 12 months – without it costing you your time – that the biggest companies in the world use to their advantage

And more including live Q&A and a roadmap for the next 12 months


What past attendees say:

"The product ecosystem is the key to changing everything and now I understand why I have struggled with it"

Jonathon - attended 20/09/20

"My key takeaway today is clarity about what I have to do with my products and where they fit in customer journey."

Gus - attended 20/09/20

"The power of deliberate action to make everything work together.."

Jason - attended 20/09/20


The FREE KPI WebClass

The FREE KPI WebClass goes way beyond a new trick, tool, or tactic. It helps bring real and deliberate change to position you as the “Go-To” brand that makes your competition irrelevant.

Resources you walk away with include:

1.  A copy of the bestseller ‘Key Person of Influence’ posted to your address.

2.  A personalised ‘KPI Scorecard’ that benchmarks you against the 5 key Influence criteria

3.  Access to a decade of strategy and best practice proven across 60 industries 

4.  Downloadable workbook and guides


Meet your host Glen Carlson

With over 3000 entrepreneurs having graduated his programs over the last 5 years, Glen has rare access to global best practice around what's working and what's not working in business.

Co-founder of Dent Global and the Key Person of Influence Accelerator

9th Fastest Growing Company in Australia (2014) 

Offices in the UK, USA & Australia

40 team in 12 timezones

Donated over $600K to charity since 2010


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